Pearls for a little treasure

Have you had the honour of being asked to be a godmother or a godfather of a baby? Or are you looking for a special gift for someone, just because? What about Atelier Torbjörn Tillander's pearls; they are a great choice because their value grows with the child?

It can be difficult to find a gift for a child who seems to have everything already from birth. These days we are often told how important it is to avoid clutter and useless trinkets good advice! Bearing this in mind, what could you give to a little one; something that they wouldn't grow out of and that would never end up in a charity shop? 

This was a problem pondered years ago, in 1967, by Torbjörn and Paula Tillander, who then came up with a genial solution: collectible pearls for a godchild! The idea is very practical in all of its simplicity: collect a strand of pearls for the little darling, one at a time.

Godparents often buy the first pearl for the Christening, and then another one for each Christmas and birthday, for instance. When the child grows up, she will have dozens of pearls, which are usually made into a classic strand of pearls. However, they can also be used to create any type of jewellery; the only limit is the sky. 

One pearl is priced at €40. This price makes collectible pearls a good option for most godparents, grandparents, uncles, and aunties. For something that little bit extra special, you can opt for 0,03ct F-G/vvs brilliant cut diamonds at €69 each.

This little girl is Valeria Lammi from Tampere, Finland. For her first birthday, family and friends decided to give her something unique and everlasting.

Together family friends and grandparents bought Valeria 20 collectible pearls. And as Atelier Torbjörn Tillander provides a lovely pink cord with them, the pearls can be worn as a stylish necklace right away. What a wonderful piece of jewellery it will become as it gains more shine and lustre through the years!

I have given Tillander pearls to my own godchildren, and thought it was really brilliant that Valeria, too, is going to have her own collection of pearls, says her mother Krista Uusitalo.

This gift is great for everyone: no hassle for the giver and a valuable keepsake for the receiver. This special gift also creates a lasting emotional bond between the giver and receiver.

Living at Tampere, Valeria's family also appreciates Atelier Torbjörn Tillander's excellent customer service: if they don't need to visit Helsinki near a time they need a new pearl, Tillanders just mail it to the address requested by the family.

More information is available by calling +358 (0)9686 0980. Or you can just pop in to see us at our Kluuvikatu shop!